The end of one chapter, which also meant the start of a new one.

HWKR Final Days

The end of one chapter, which also meant the start of a new one.

September 1, 2019

With any small business, a few twists and turns are to be had. The very first twist was leaving HWKR, we had grown our little business for the last 10 months in this wonderful hub. We had planned to stay a little longer, with marketing campaigns scheduled for the next 6 months.

The last few weeks of HWKR's closure was so stressful because the owners of HWKR were still determining its future up until their closure date.  Our team had no end date to work towards and was prevented from providing any communication to our small and growing followers of our closure. As a team, we were working on continuing the success through leasing opportunities and creative stall ideas but it would require more time.

Alas at the mercy of our landlords, we were given notice that everything was shutting down within 5 days and we would no longer be operating after that date! With our last day set, we communicated to our growing team of over 18 staff that they would be out of jobs within those 5 days. On September 1st 2019, would be our final day at HWKR. Our last few days were met with customers filling the place hoping to get in their bingsu fix before our uncertain future. On our last night, our kitchen was buzzing we had stolen the show of this final curtain. All our neighbouring stalls had closed up, the line had built up just for Scoopy and the whole venue was sitting down just for us. An amazing, surreal feat, to have this much love from our customers and only showing us that the people wanted Scoopy.

A huge shout out to the amazing other stalls, The Modern Eatery and Indomie as well as the HWKR gang, Steph, Brittany and Eleena who took a chance on us, supported us and helped us grow.

The end of one chapter, which also meant the start of a new one.