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All bingsu can be enjoyed through dine-in, takeaway or as a home pack that can be assembled and enjoyed at home. Our bingsu are made from pasteurized dairy products and can be made vegetarian or gluten free upon request.

All bingsu are served with whipped cream, toasted almonds and condensed milk.*

For more information please visit our FAQ page, ask a team member or contact us.

mai thai times

Thai Milk Tea flavoured bingsu with grass jelly, mango jelly, mango popping pearls, tapioca pearls & mango mochi.

royal taro

Taro flavoured bingsu with rainbow jelly, blueberry popping pearls, tapioca pearls and taro mochi.

berry peak

Strawberry flavoured bingsu with fresh strawberry pieces, biscoff biscuits, strawberry popping pearls & strawberry mochi.

matcha bonsai

Matcha flavoured bingsu with chocolate soil, red bean, red bean mochi, lychee popping pearls & chocolate peppero.

hoji yama

Hojicha flavoured bingsu with lychee jelly, peaches, peach popping pearls, tapioca pearls & bubble tea mochi.

sunny mango

Mango flavoured bingsu with coconut jelly, mango jelly, mango popping pearls & milk mochi.

milky brew

Vietnamese Iced Coffee flavoured bingsu with candied almonds, honeycomb, coconut jelly, milk mochi and chocolate spiral wafers.

dusky dream

Mörk chocolate flavoured bingsu with chocolate soil, fresh banana & strawberry, strawberry popping pearls & almond peppero.

honey dewd

Honey Dew flavoured bingsu with fresh watermelon & honeydew balls and rainbow jelly.

lychee bloom

Lychee flavoured bingsu made with oat milk with grass jelly, pineapple jelly, lychee popping pearls, lychee pieces and toasted almonds. *Does not come with whipped cream.